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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Priority Male

When you are an athlete, and even more so when you are a coach, your life revolves around coming attractions. Vacations are tied into races, accommodations are considered worthy or unworthy based upon their adaptation to training, air travel is preferred over driving, aisle over bulkhead seat, and so on...
Suzanne's better on this than I am. She'll drive to visit her parents on a Saturday when I can't seem to get away from running a track workout. The 'rents are pretty understanding about it. They know I'm passionate about the sport.
And really, the psychology of performance translates quite well from the world of sport to the world of everyday work/life. Think about these points:
1. Choose your parents wisely.
- - As a whole, we all bring pretty much the same general stuff to the table. The little things we get from our parents can make a difference.
2. Attitude is everything.
- - Toxic teammates are a bummer no matter what the situation. There's not enough salary in the world that can make a person stay in a place where they're not happy. However, the wrong persons stay too long and the good persons leave too soon.
3. Have a Plan "B," a Plan "C," and a Plan "D."
- - Success means the ability to adjust the plan as circumstances arise.

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