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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tell Me What You Eat, And I'll Tell You What You Are

Today's title is a quote from French politician & gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (which I remember fondly from the beginning of the Fuji Television Japan series Iron Chef). It fit well with a note written the other day by triathlete podcast producer & NZ pro triathlete Bevan James Eyles. I felt strongly about what Bevan had to say, especially in light of my effort to limit my french fry intake over the past six weeks or so. Frankly, I'd call the effort a success, since I had all of three eight-ounce servings (if that!) of french fried potato-related products during that period of time. In the last week, I've had less than three servings...& a good amount of guilt with the ones I've had.'s Bev's piece.

Something has changed about me lately, it’s based around my busy traveling habits. Because I like to eat healthy, which can be tough at airports, and I hate paying the inflated airport prices for food I use to always pack as much food as possible for the trips. This has always worked well for me. But around this time a year ago I forgot to pack my food. When I was hungry at the airport I decided to have Burger King. I have to admit that I did enjoy this meal, so much so that on the return flight home I decided to have it again.

I have to let you know that I never buy fast foods when I’m in Christchurch. McDonalds, KFC and Burger King have made no profit from my stomach. But for some reason over the last year I’ve created this rule in my head that states “when I’m at an airport traveling, I’m allowed to have fast food”. I’ve justified to myself that because I’m going through the stress of traveling I’m allowed to eat these types of foods. I woke up to this behavior on a trip that I did last week. I discovered that I had created this unhealthy rule and by giving myself justification around it and it became a habit.

The point of this piece isn’t to pick on fast foods, I choose not to eat them myself but I think they are fine in moderation. The point is - have you created some little unhealthy rules for yourself? Are there times when you justify unhealthy habits just because it is habit? Something like: every time you go to the movies you have to have a large popcorn and coke, because that’s “what you do” at the movies.

Have a look at your life and try to identify the times when you have little unhealthy rules and see if you can replace them with a healthier option. When you identify these times ask yourself one of these questions; Can I make the portion size smaller? can I choose a healthier but still enjoyable option? or can I go without this? These questions will help to start winning on the smaller decisions that make big change.

I know I’m going back to packing food for when I’m traveling, it’s just better for me.

Bevan James Eyles

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