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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Haiku? Hai-not?

Coach MB's counsel for the day: Never eat in a place where coffee is not served without the option of having a 'real' cup. If you can't take the time to sit & enjoy your coffee, or it seems there is a rush to get you out the door so your space can be filled by the next available fool...well...
With the beginning of the new year it's back to the typical battle rhythm of my organization; teaching on Tuesday, meeting on Wednesday, (non)emergency data calls on Thursday, & slacker days on Friday & Monday. It never fails to amaze me, especially on my swim workout mornings, how I can prepare the night before, have all my stuff together, & still barely make it to the pool in time. Same goes for when I take my work clothes & shower stuff; it's like the traffic pattern has it in for me & I hit the office at 7:30-ish. I could not prepare & get the same results, so why worry? After a while I gave up on providing excuses. I just spend more time in the office in the afternoon to make certain the boxes are checked off.
Back on the beach last night for the first time since the holidays. Our little group of four had lights & electronic training acoutrements, which were made almost redundant by the relative brightness of the evening skies. It still was good to have a spot lamp in order to pick out the unpainted speed bumps on the route; definitely in the darkest portions of the route. Who knew?
While our pace was nothing to sneeze at it was a good beginning to a challenging year. We finished up the last quarter-to-half mile of fast-paced slap-it-into-B-for-boogie running by a quick recovery walk to the sound, then into the sound to let the icy cold water work its magic on our leg muscles. Perhaps that also could be considered one of the many reasons we continue to live in Florida. While I was in a tri top & arm warmers, we were fairly comfortable throughout the run...afterward was definitely a different story altogether. I think the wind kicked up & the temperature dropped while we were having a beer.
Former athlete speaks;
"Thankful to get e-mail..."
Damning with faint praise?

Here's an interesting thought, inspired by something I just saw on the Yahoo! News marquee... If I were to donate an organ, say, my kidney, to my I have the right to ask for it back in the event the marriage goes south? Some things are just way too insane for extended thought.

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