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Friday, January 23, 2009

Out Of Your League

Occasionally we get ourselves in a situation which, after we are hip-deep (or deeper) in it, begin to ask the rhetorical question: 'how the heck did we get into this kettle of soup?' Sometimes it's something as simple as an athletic event you signed up for on a whim; maybe someone called you out and you decided to participate rather than be considered weak. The worst possible version probably comes when it has your income or your future income involved.
But, going back to the simple end of the continuum, sports, at least it's something you either have the choice of bailing or enduring. Okay, in a few situations you could possibly die, but those are few and far between. This morning's sports page had a report on a 100-to-nothing score in Texas private school girls' basketball. The winning team, from a private religious school, was so ashamed at the ease of their victory they have asked to forefeit the game. On the other side of the coin, the school on the down end of the aforementioned beat-down seemed to take the loss in stride.

That's what defeat, when you have given your best effort, should provide an athlete.

My coach used to remind me on Sunday morning long runs he had been beaten by some of the best runners in the world. Sometimes, just being on the same course or event with the good ones is an accomplishment in itself. Prefontaine's Sacrificing The Gift dictum holds true. Give your best. Hold your (perhaps beaten and bloodied) head high when it's over. I think I'd be more offended by the win of a game I lost on the court. That would be like getting stomped at a road race, where the winner is finishing their cool-down as I'm coming into the chute...and I get the victory check.
Gosh, haven't had one of those crossword puzzle moments in a while.
Fabric moments, we have had, shopping at the mall over the weekend. I don't mind it, really, unless the background music gets obnoxious. Thank God for iPod; crank up the volume when Britney comes on the Muzak. The missus can always use an occasional re-tool of her wardrobe, usually right before she goes out on business trips...nothing wrong with a piece here or there. I might not know style, but I know what looks good on her.


Dale said...

Had to chuckle at your comment about Sunday morning conversation . . .

Coach Mike said...

Oh, yep. I do remind folks, too. Sometimes I even name names. ;)